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GDM Configuration for Plume

As Display Manager, we prefer the GNOME Display Manager, because it's written for the GNOME Desktop and is prettier and far easier to configure than XDM, XFree86's defaut Display Manager.

Please note the installation of La Futaie does use XDM and Plume is currently only able to autoconfigure this one anyway. If you choose to use GDM or KDM or whatever other, you'll have to configure it yourself, with this article to help you.

For some of the first installations of Plume [1], we installed GNOME 2.2, which comes with GDM Other versions do not vary much in terms of configuration file. Later on, we used GNOME 2.8, as available in Debian Sarge, with some customization.

First: activate XDMCP support

Second: deactivate X Server auto-startup on the server itself


[1] i.e. the FoSCuP and Dokeos