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Plume and GNOME 2 on Debian Woody

As you may know, our preferred free desktop is GNOME, in version 2.x for now. There are many reasons for that, but even some related to thin-clients usage.

The GNOME 2.x desktop is not currently officially in Debian Woody, which is now the current OldStable, and was as such our preferred platform. There are though some carefully-crafted backports for Woody out there, on which we contributed a lot (see See also GNOME 2.x Desktop. GNOME 2.x desktop is part of Debian Sarge now, and it will soon become our preferred platform (well, in fact it is already, but in some case, Woody is just still better).

To use it as default desktop, some tweakings may be needed to Plume. Here is a (hopefully exhaustive) list:

[1] it needs the X Rendering Extension (Render), which is only available since XFree86 4.2 X server